Noviembre 2018
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30 En 2015 
How to Create YouTube Family
So you are a YouTuber who wish to become real YouTube celebrities? has the answer for that need. They can give you real subscriber, real comment and even real video views. Don`t worry if this will break any legal terms with Google and other search engines; it is completely safe and trustworthy.
If you don`t wish to spend bucks to use their services, there are still ways to make you popular on YouTube, but this steps needs time, sometimes really a long time, to make people notice you. But there is nothing wrong with trying, right? So if you really want to be famous on YouTube, here are few ways you can try.
•    Upload new videos every week. For whatever you are doing on YouTube, dance, sing, play instrument, give new video every week.
•    Upload video that is not relate to your concern, like video when you are playing with your dogs, or cooking or jumping at trampoline.
•    Share it on your social media accounts
•    Reply every comment
•    Response every feedback from social media
The decision is all yours whether to hire professional service to make you more visible at YouTube or do it naturally which will take years before you can even make it. Cheers!

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30 En 2015 


Finding Walkthrough in Youtube

 I as as a gamer find out that youtube is the most useful site to fulfill my need to find walkthroughs to beat the game. I have been using youtube to search for tons of secret which are related with the game that I played. It worked like a charm where most of the time I can beat the game only by seeing the walkthroughs that were uploaded to youtube. Afterwards, I tried to make my own channel in youtube and of course it was all about games that I played. In there I posted the achievements that I obtained in the game and shared it with other people who at first didn’t know about it. The more I uploaded my videos, the more people subscribed to my channel and waiting for me to upload my next video.

Not Only Game’s Walkthrough

Not only watching walkthrough actually, I also do love to watch the will be released games in the upcoming future in youtube. It provides me with lots of information about the latest game and it always intrigued me to see the trailer of those games. I also usually share the videos via my social media’s accounts such as facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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30 En 2015 

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30 En 2015 

The reason why I suggest you have good internet connection today is because of
YouTube. It can function as your new TV – well, sort of.

 Watching Series onYouTube

If you want to watch TV series in other countries, YouTube is the best source
because it is hardly blocked or down. The episodes may not so complete, but I
assure you, it is not so bad either.

 Watching Self-Help Videos
When you want to make or do something and yet have no idea how to execute it, you

may find a helpful video on YouTube. I once experimented with foil
highlighting, and learned it from YouTube.

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21 En 2015 
it's been a while before i decided to write this a sage type of person, i like to write things about that, although this's my first time to use this media.although i am relatively new in writing, being a customer service representative certainly helps me.this is just the first time for me to use this media/plaform to write something about youtube it's been great, i will talk more about it later.will share more to you all.let me know you were here by leaving some words down there.

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